Biogas in Ontario

The Long Term Energy plan released today by the Ontario Liberal government appears to see favourably the benefits of bioenergy as a flexible and cost effective renewable energy for the province.

Specifically the plan contemplates the procurement of an  additional 50 megawatts of  bioenergy  in 2014 and a further 50 in 2015.  Should these not be filled then the commitment will roll over to the succeeding year .

OPA will develop specific procurements tied to the use of CHP with biogas aimed at agrifood and greenhouse type applications.  Bio energy currently accounts for 300 installed MWs and more significantly generates twice the output of all the solar installations in the province ( 2% versus 1%).

Overall, the government is sticking to its plan to eliminate all coal fired plant by 2014 and to put on hold the procurement of new nuclear plant. By 2021  10,700MW of bio, solar and wind power will be on line and, if Hydro power is included, almost 50% of the provinces power will come from renewable sources.  A far cry from some  jurisdictions where 90 plus per cent is still coal fired.