Harcolm Farms 20 kW Mini Digester Installation Nearly Complete

Biolectric Mini DigesterThe installation of the 20 kw digester unit at Harcolm farms progressed well. The reactor vessel, mixer and heating system and the two roofs were assembled and closed up by Friday night and January 19th, just three days after starting the installation at 9 am Wednesday morning.

Farm owner Rob McKinley; Dave Ellis and Nina Nasiri from TSSA

Inspection by TSSA revealed no major issues, showing we had done our homework on the fueling system. This is also a testament to the well executed design of the unit by Biolectric. We have some work to do on some of the European electrical devices and wiring in the container but will pull all wires for the interconnection this week.  We will start filling the reactor with digestate from local Greens digester to inoculate the vessel and expect to see Hydro One within a week to ten days for connection to the grid.

The electricity generated from the digester will be the first Ontario biogas project with microFIT and net-metered connections and will supply heat and animal bedding for the farm.  Importantly the methane and CO2 reduction will be equivalent to taking 200 cars off the road.  Imagine if one tenth of all the dairy farms in Ontario installed a Mini Digester, that would be like taking nearly 80,000 cars off the road.