Harcolm Farms Mini Digester Successfully Commissioned in Two Days!

On March 27th, the Carbon Neutral Farms team successfully completed the commissioning of Canada’s only packaged mini digester with a single phase, synchronous and 60 hertz installation.

Jonathan Schrauwen COO of Biolectric and project developers John Hawkes and Rob McKinlay

This is the first system configuration of its kind and we are happy to report that the commissioning was successful and completed in just two days.

We are now producing 10 kW each from both engine gen sets for a total of 20 kW.  The system is fully automated, and the operation can be seamlessly managed and monitored from a smart phone. This installation really is part of the carbon neutral farm of the future.

Rob and John would like to extend heartfelt thanks to the friends at MOECC, TSSA, ESA, Harry’s Electric, ANF and OMAFRA who provided incredible support at short notice to get us through any hurdles we faced. The installation has consequently been more successful than we could have hoped and bodes well for more installations.

The mini digester is suitable for dairy farms with 50 to 240 animals and the prefabricated system can be installed in less than a week.  If you are interested in a mini digester for your farm, fill out our online site feasibility assessment or contact John Hawkes for more information.