Honour to be on the Biogas Association Board of Directors

Recently I was very honoured to be invited to join the Board of Directors of the Biogas Association (AgriEnergy Producers Association of Ontario – www.apao.ca).  The APAO is heavily involved in guiding regulatory developments in the renewable energy sector, in particular, environmental and electricity regulation. The Association’s mandate is to act as the collective voice of Ontario’s growing biogas industry in the new sustainable energy economy and I look forward to being part of this passionate and experienced group of industry and user specialists.

I also anticipate greater involvement in helping to create a stronger presence for the biogas industry in rural and municipal energy. I’ll be bringing all the expertise of Angus Power to bear on improving the cost effectiveness of biogas energy.

You can look for the Biogas Association’s next public appearance at the Ontario Waste Management Association’s annual event on Tuesday March 27th, where I am pleased to be the guest speaker.  Visit their website for more information on this event – www.owma.org.

I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to meet Ontario’s new Agriculture Minister, Ted McMeekin, at the Clovermead Digester.  HH Angus designed the electrical engineering and interconnection for this digester.

And finally, next week Ontario’s Minister of Energy Chris Bentley will be making a long awaited and much anticipated announcement about the future of the FIT program.  There has been a lot of news coverage of this coming announcement, and I’m hopeful that the new program will reflect the multiple benefits of producing renewable natural gas from waste products.


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