Keep Them Fired Up

Many anaerobic digester operators are more concerned about the availability of fuel supply (organic feedstock) than in applying for more projects through the Feed In Tariff or Large Renewable Procurement  programs.  Some farm digester owners have formed a co-operative to buy and distribute organic material. Meanwhile, the Biogas Association and other industry groups are working with government to require diversion policies for landfill organics, as is the case in much of Europe.  It seems crazy to bury fuel in a big hole in the ground when it could otherwise be used productively.  The other option, to answer the fuel supply issue, is to grow fuel crops, such as perennial grasses, on marginal agricultural land as is done in Germany.

It seems we’ve gone from ‘how do we get ’em built’ to ‘how do we keep ’em fired up’?  Some municipalities are looking to combine their waste water treatment with green bin recovery and this  is the next important sector for the biogas industry.