Wayside Energy Begins Installation of First Packaged Mini Digester in Canada

Installation of the first packaged Mini Digester in Canada began January 16th with support from manufacturer Biolectric.  The Mini Digester design is suitable for dairy farms ranging from 50 to 240 cows and creates green energy for the carbon neutral farm of the future. This installation is part of the Carbon Neutral Farms project, led by Wayside Energy and Harcolm Farms. Mini Digester Installation with Crane

The installation of the 20kW digester takes place in four phases:

  1. Concrete pad, trenching, piping and installation of mast pump which is done before arrival of the digester and technical container
  2. Offload of the digester panels, liners and container and accurate location and markup on the pad
  3. Connection of manure, water and gas pipes, build of the digester and installation of heating rack, mixer and liner /roofs
  4. Electrical hook up and first fill of reactor vessel with digestate from an existing digester

The installation is fast and efficient, with Steps 2 and 4 taking place simultaneously. On a fair summer day in Europe, the whole installation can be completed in three days with a four-person crew with some Italian wine, cheese and prosciutto on hand for the team. Well …we don’t have that in Woodstock, Ontario in the middle of winter, so we have allowed five days and a five-person crew.  Still … unheard of installation time in the digester business.

Taking the winter weather into account, we have an insurance scheme as back up for the installation of insulation and spray foaming of the joints.  A hay bale wall has been set up around the 11-meter perimeter of the vessel with a greenhouse poly roof to create Installed Mini Digestera small, light, can-shaped tent.

We have contacted TSSA, ESA, Hydro One, and the Township and we are confident all regulatory issues are covered.

More to follow end of the week.