Wayside Energy signs contract with Martin Energy Group

We are pleased to announce we have signed a contract with Martin Energy Group of Missouri to handle Project Development for CHP projects using natural gas or biogas fuels in Canada.  Our packages range in power from 100kW to 2MW  and combined efficiency can be higher than 85%.  Growers, manufacturers and institutional facilities with a need for power and heat or chilling can be in charge of their own energy needs and be self sufficient for substantially lower costs than using the grid.  The  “spark spread”  .. the cost of producing your own power versus grid power can be as high as 10 cents per kw hr particularly as natural gas prices look set to stay low for an extended period.  Clients in the greenhouse and manufacturing sector are seeing paybacks of less than five years.  This is the most efficient use of the cleanest of fossil fuels.

Power and hot water heat in an islanded installation