Angus Sun on Track with Expected Output

The panels are up, the sun is shining, and the first cheque is in! It’s already been five months since the birth of Angus Sun, a 10kW solar system on top of the main H.H. Angus Building.

We recently received $2400 from Toronto Hydro for roughly 3000 kWh of power we produced between January and April. We are on track to produce the budgeted revenue of just over $10,500 for the year.

Although we had a fairly rainy spring, our cloudy days still produced significant power, with cloud cover reducing the solar radiation by approximately 40% on average.

The panels have had no issues through all of the bad weather in the wintertime and the wind this spring. None have been blown off the roof and all have been operating trouble free!

All in all, Angus Sun is performing to spec and we have been able to use this success story to win 6 far larger projects!


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