Harcolm Farms Mini Digester Connected to the Grid

We are pleased to share that after making several adaptations to comply with Canadian standards, we received certification for both TSSA and ESA on March 20th.  With this, we had permission to connect the 10 kW MicroFIT and 10 kW Net Meter contracts and on March 27th we successfully connected the system to the grid.  The contracts offer an additional source of revenue for the farm with 25.8 cents per kWh under the MicroFIT and the Net Meter providing cost avoidance of about 20 cents per kWh.

Prior to connecting, we had a very successful Open House on March 15th with over 50 attendees from the local farm community and various stakeholders and government officials, including Arthur Potts, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change.  There was significant interest in the project and visitors were eager to view the mini digester in-person.  The project even made the front page of the newspaper for on-farm innovation!

The mini digester is suitable for dairy farms with 50 to 240 animals and the prefabricated system can be installed in less than a week.  If you are interested in a mini digester for your farm, fill out our online site feasibility assessment or contact John Hawkes for more information.